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After you lose weight or deliver a baby, you may end up with loose, sagging skin on your body, arms, or thighs. There’s only one way to eliminate excess skin, and that’s with a body lift. Susan Schneider, MD, at The Methodist Physician Group Specialists, has years of experience helping patients regain smooth, tight skin with surgery to lift problem areas of their body. To learn whether you’re a good candidate for a body lift, call the practice in Merrillville, Indiana, or book an appointment online.

Body Lifts Q & A

What is an arm lift?

It’s easy to chuckle about flabby upper arms until you’re the one with skin that jiggles as it hangs down from your arms. Exercise can improve muscle tone in your upper arm, but it won’t help excess skin that has lost elasticity.

An upper arm lift specifically targets loose skin on your underarm. During this surgical procedure, Dr. Schneider removes excess skin and tightens the remaining skin so that you have a smooth, sleek upper arm.

What is a thigh lift?

A thigh lift is surgery to remove excess skin on your inner or outer thighs. The goal is to create a better contour for your thighs and create smooth skin as the remaining skin is lifted. You may be a good candidate for a thigh lift if you maintain a stable, healthy weight and you have realistic goals for what you can accomplish with a thigh lift.

What is a body lift?

A body lift is surgery to remove excess, loose skin that develops after you lose weight or deliver a baby. In some cases, the sagging skin is due to age-related changes that result in weak, inelastic skin.

There are several types of body lifts that focus on either your upper, middle, or lower body. After Dr. Schneider reviews your medical history and evaluates your body and health, you can talk with her about the procedure that’s best for achieving your desired goals.

Will a body, arm, or thigh lift remove fat?

Surgery to lift your body, arm, or thigh focuses solely on removing excess skin, then lifting and tightening the remaining skin. If you still have pockets of fat, you may need to have liposuction before getting any type of body lift.

What can I expect after a body, arm, or thigh lift?

Your recovery depends on the procedure you receive. A body lift may require a week of rest and a second week to gradually increase your activity.

Most patients plan on taking several weeks away from work for a full body lift, but arm or thigh lifts require less time to heal. When you meet with Dr. Schneider for your consultation, she gives you more specific details about your surgery.

If you’re ready to eliminate unsightly, sagging skin anywhere on your body, call The Methodist Physician Group Specialists or schedule an appointment online.