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 Video Testimonials

  • Lucas was born with a disability in his ankles that did not allow him to keep up with his peers. Dr. Mark Jones, Podiatric Surgeon came up with a plan to correct a pediatric dysfunctional flat foot that aligned his foot and ankle. This procedure gave Lucas the active childhood he deserved.

  • Mike Scamihorn had both hips and knees replaced by Dr. Vineet Shah, Orthopedic Surgeon. Mike and his wife, Debbie are now living life on their terms and enjoying every minute.

  • Steven Gee suffered an ACL injury while playing for the Illinois Knights, a semi-pro football team. Dr. Omar Perez, Orthopedic Surgeon performed reconstructive surgery and Steven was released to perform football activities just 6 months and 5 days after surgery. This is a testament to Steven’s hard work and Dr. Perez’s dedication to getting athletes back on the field.

  • Joanna Robinson has worked in the Gary Public School System for 30 years. She was born with hip dysplasia, this caused severe arthritis in her hip joints. Dr. Judson Wood, Orthopedic Surgeon performed two hip replacements and Joanna is living a happy healthy life.

  • Sue had suffered from back problems for over 20 years. One day she picked up our Healthwise magazine and found an article about treating Adult Spinal Deformity featuring Dr. Shepherd. Drs. Elian Shepherd and Ashish Patel performed her surgery and the results speak for themselves.


Welcome to Methodist Physician Group Specialists

The Methodist Physician Group Specialists in Merrillville, Indiana offers patients seeking multiple care options a centralized network of specialists. The doctors in this facility are experts in the whole range of orthopedics, spine care, plastic surgery, and podiatry.

It's the one place patients can go to find:

• Arthroscopic surgery
Cervical Spine Surgery
• Foot and Ankle Surgery
General Orthopedics
Joint Reconstruction
Limb Reconstruction
Orthopedic Trauma Surgery
• Spinal Stenosis
Sports Medicine
Total Hip Replacement
• Total Knee Replacement
List with more of our services

The highly trained and skilled staff at The Methodist Physician Group Specialists work to give focused care to the residents of Northwest Indiana while partnering with board-certified specialists from around the globe. They accept a broad network of insurance providers, as well.

The Methodist Physician Group Specialists is where healthcare consumers can expect quality services, skilled medical experts and convenience treatment options combined with a relaxed and professional atmosphere.

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