Patient Heal Thyself: What if you had the power to heal yourself?

Physicians usually employ cadaveric grafts, large grafts taken from another part of your body, amniotic membrane tissues, extensive wound care services and the like for these types of wounds. 

But, what if you could take only a small piece of skin and have a lab grow as much tissue as you might need?

I would like to introduce you to SkinTE. 

SkinTE is a human cellular and tissue-based product derived from a patient's own skin, intended for the repair, reconstruction, and replacement of skin tissue. 

SkinTE is the first and only FDA-registered product that is capable of regenerating functionally normal skin. It has been proven to regenerate full-thickness skin with all layers and appendages. Treatment with Skin TE has also produced functional and histology comparable native skin.

The protocol is quite simple. First a small piece of skin is taken (usually 1cm wide and 3cm long), then this skin is shipped to the lab where the skin is processed in accordance with FDA requirements for human tissue. The lab "grows" enough of your own cellular and tissue-based product to cover the defect/wound area. After that, the tissue is simply placed on the wound/defect site, and a dressing applied.

Weekly follow ups are required with dressing changes and monitoring. 

Most patients, thus far, experience full-thickness, functional skin regeneration within the wound bed and full healing of the wound.

Time frames for healing vary and depend on many factors such as overall health of the patient, proper offloading of pressure, etc. 

To learn more about this exciting new protocol, please do not hesitate to contact 219.738.6670 or look at the SkinTE website at

Dr. Mark Jones Dr. Mark Jones, DPM with the Methodist Physician Group in Merrillville, IN specializes in all things podiatry: diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the foot and ankle. Dr. Jones underwent training at the William Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine with honors in clinical studies. He went on to complete his surgical residency training, acting as chief resident in his section. He received national recognition after obtaining advanced training in a complex nerve surgery.

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