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Itchy, red feet and white, flaky toenails are the most common signs of skin infections of the feet, including athlete’s foot and fungal infections of the toenails. Treatment for skin infections is available for you at The Methodist Physician Group Specialists in Merrillville, Indiana. The podiatry team is available to help you get rid of your skin infection and avoid spreading it to others. Set up an appointment for treatment today by calling or requesting a visit online.

Skin Infections Q & A

What causes skin infections on the feet?

Different types of bacteria and fungi cause skin infections on your feet. The most common type of these skin infections is athlete’s foot, which can also spread to the toenails if left untreated.

It’s possible to develop a skin infection on your foot if you’re exposed to fungi or bacteria that cause infections. You’re more likely to contract a skin infection if you’re already sick or your immune system is working fully.

How are skin infections spread?

Skin infections are spread in warm, damp environments like swimming pools, communal showers, and locker rooms. The bacteria and fungi that cause skin infections of the feet thrive in these environments, which can make the pathogens stronger and more likely to cause an infection, even in healthy people.

To avoid contracting a skin infection, it’s best to wear clean, dry sandals when using a communal pool, shower, or locker room and to dry your feet thoroughly after exiting the pool or shower. Keeping a pair of clean, dry socks and shoes to change into after exercising can also reduce your risk of contracting a skin infection.

What are the signs of skin infections on the feet?

The most obvious signs of a bacterial or fungal infection on your feet include:

  • Itchy, red skin
  • Flaking or dry, cracked skin
  • Oozing skin around the toenails
  • White spots or changes in the color of your toenails
  • Toenails that peel or flake easily

Most symptoms of skin infections, include athlete’s foot, are most apparent between the toes, which tend to provide a warmer environment for the bacteria or fungi to thrive. These infections can easily spread to the toenails, and once the toenails are infected, it can take months for the infection to go away.

How are skin infections on the feet treated?

Your podiatrist uses different types of antibacterial and antifungal medications to treat skin infections, athlete’s foot, and toenail fungus. Based on your symptoms, the doctors may collect a small sample of your skin or nail for testing to determine exactly what’s causing your infection and prescribe the appropriate medication.

These medications may be taken orally or applied topically as a spray or cream. In some cases, you may take both an oral and topical medication.

Stop the itching and discomfort of a skin infection on your feet by scheduling a visit by phone or online now at The Methodist Physician Group Specialists.