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Many women don’t realize that having naturally large breasts can be more of a health burden than an asset. The back pain and ongoing discomfort of heavy, large breasts are two reasons why women seek breast reduction surgery. Susan Schneider, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon at The Methodist Physician Group Specialists, performs exceptional breast reduction surgery for women, or for men who have gynecomastia. To learn whether you’re a candidate for breast reduction, call the practice in Merrillville, Indiana, or book an appointment online.

Breast Reduction Q & A

Why do women need a breast reduction?

Women with large breasts often develop physical problems due to the weight of their breasts, such as:

  • Nerve pain
  • Difficulty performing certain activities
  • Chronic back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Chronic rashes or skin irritation under their breasts
  • Difficulty fitting into clothing

Many women become self-conscious about the appearance of their breasts. They also develop low self-esteem when their large breasts make them the object of unwanted attention.

What happens during a breast reduction?

During breast reduction surgery, or breast mammaplasty, Dr. Schneider removes excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue through incisions that are carefully placed to be as discreet as possible. There are different incision patterns. The technique Dr. Schneider uses depends on the extent of your reduction and the amount of tissue being removed.

Dr. Schneider often uses liposuction to remove excess fat, depending on the amount in your breasts. Liposuction may be all you need if you only want a small to moderate reduction in breast size, and you have healthy skin with good elasticity.

After enough excess tissue is removed to achieve your desired breast size, the remaining tissues are lifted and shaped, and the areola is reduced in size and repositioned to fit your new breast.

What is male breast reduction?

Men need male breast reduction surgery when they develop gynecomastia, a condition in which glandular breast tissue develops and they begin to grow breasts. When men develop gynecomastia, they can feel a firm or rubbery mass under their nipples or areola. They may also have swollen breasts, breast tenderness, and a discharge from their nipples.

Since gynecomastia is caused by a hormone imbalance, treatment includes medication to correct the problem. However, the primary treatment for gynecomastia is a surgical breast reduction.

During a male breast reduction, the glandular tissue and extra skin are removed. Dr. Schneider uses liposuction to eliminate excess fat, and for the final step, the areola is reduced and repositioned to a natural male contour.

If you’re uncomfortable with the size of your breasts and would like to schedule a breast reduction consultation, call The Methodist Physician Group Specialists or book an appointment online.